Jewelry Wholesale – Diamonds

Jewelry Wholesale – Diamonds

There may come a time in your jewelry making career when you need to select diamonds for a special piece you are working on. Buying diamonds is much like buying any other gem – you find one that is the right size or shape for the piece you are making and you purchase it. WRONG. Much more thought and consideration must go into purchasing 

a diamond. After all – Diamonds are forever, and you want your jewelry wholesale to last forever too.

There are four C’s when it comes to buying a diamond: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. All of these must be considered because you want the diamond used in your jewelry wholesale to be as beautiful as possible. Remember that the diamond should not overpower the entire piece, but it should be the main attraction and compliment the rest of the piece as well.

The cut of the diamond does not refer to the shape of it. It refers to the way that it was cut – the quality of the cut. The shine and fluorescence of the diamond is determined by how it was cut. The shape of the diamond is only a second factor – or an after thought – in terms of the quality of the cut.

The clarity of a diamond does not refer to how clear it is. Instead, it refers to how perfect or flawless – or imperfect – a diamond is. There are internal imperfections and external imperfections. A diamond that has no imperfections is flawless – and expensive.

Diamonds come in many colors. The most common are white and yellow. Other colors are available, but they are rare and expensive. The only color you should never consider is a ‘blue white’ diamond. A jeweler may try to tell you that this is a rare quality diamond, but it is in fact an inferior diamond, and you have no use for it.

The carat weight of the diamond will be important to your customer. Large diamonds should come with a certificate. You should request this from the company that you are purchasing the diamond from. If they refuse to give you a certificate from a reputable grading company such as GIA, walk away. 

The chances are good that you will put more work and thought into purchasing diamonds for your jewelry wholesale than in any other gem or stone. Diamonds are by far the most popular gemstones in the world – and with good reason. Not only are they the most beautiful stones, but they are also the most durable stones on the face of the earth – or under the earth for that matter!(red)

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