Mark Zuckerberg's Hawaii home could be one of the largest private construction projects ever

Gimme Shelter: Zuckerberg is building both a holiday hideaway on a Kauai and a place to ride out societal collapse. - If you're looking for a sign that Mark Zuckerberg has been binging "The Last of Us," you needn't look any further than his massive Kauai estate. There on the northeast shore of Hawaii's oldest island, the Meta CEO has embarked on a massive construction project that includes two mansions, a village of other buildings and an underground bunker larger than a basketball court.

As Wired reported yesterday, the $270 million bonanza, which includes $100 million in building costs and $170 million in land purchases, will count among the largest private, personal construction ever. Candy Spelling may have gift wrapping rooms, but Zuckerberg is planning so much more.

According to documents Wired obtained, the project is a shopping list of superlatives. The two mansions will stretch to 57,000 (or so) square feet in total and will include 30 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, conference rooms, an industrial kitchen and multiple elevators (because when you're dropping $100 million, no one should have to wait for the next car). 

It's certainly extravagant stuff, but those elements aren't all that unusual. Dig deeper, though, for the most earth-shattering plans. 

Connecting the mansions will be a tunnel and a 5,000-square-foot shelter with living space, a library to pass the time, an escape hatch for quick exits and soundproof, bomb shelter-like doors made of metal and concrete. Zuckerberg will never have to duck out to Safeway, either – Wired says the whole place will be self-sufficient for food and water.

The 1,400-acre compound is also set to include guest houses, a gym and sauna, multiple swimming pools, a hot tub and cold plunge and a tennis court (just one?). And if you still can't find a place to sleep, there are 11 treehouses with rope bridges between them for when stepping on the ground is just unbearable. (Last year, the contractor who built the treehouses sued Zuckerberg over what allegedly were $133,726 in unpaid funds.)

Zuckerberg's plans for just how he'll use his compound loaded with new toys remain a secret. A spokesperson declined to comment to Wired and the magazine says project workers have signed strict NDAs.

Adding to the mystery is that Zuckerberg's property, which he's been acquiring steadily for almost a decade, is surrounded by a six-foot-high wall. That may keep out gawkers, but it will be no match for the zombie apocalypse. And I can't wait for it to end up one day on Zillow Gone Wild.

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