The Most Expensive Indonesian Jambi Aro Kayu Aro White Tea Rp 5 Million 1 Kg

Achmedi SC PTPN 6 Jambi (kanan) show white tea Kayo Aro

Seru TV - Have you ever drank the most expensive Kayu Aro tea produced by PTPN 6 Jambi worth IDR 5 million a kilogram? Lost if not.

Kayu Aro tea for Rp. 5 million, produced by PTPN 6 Jambi, belongs to the White Tea or Silver Tea group. If consumed, this tea is very good for health.

According to the Secretary of PTPN 6 Jambi, Achmedi, this White Tea has long been produced by PTPN 6. It is expensive because the content is good for health and it is quite difficult to produce it.
Just imagine, said Achmedi, to pick the youngest shoots of tea in Kayu Aro, having to go through expert hands. One by one the young shoots of selected tea are picked, then sorted with a very short time limit.

This Kayu Aro type of White Tea is produced in limited quantities to meet a niche market.

"Tea Kayu Aro is one of the teas consumed by the Queen of England. This may be more of a hereditary tradition," he explained.

Even so, Achmedi denied information that the good quality tea produced by PTPN 6 Kayo Aro was only for export, not for domestic use. He said, actually Kayo Aro tea is also sold domestically.

"So it is wrong if someone says that quality Kayo Aro Kerinci Tea is only for outsiders," explained Achmedi accompanied by Arif.

For those who are interested in buying Kayu Aro White Tea produced by PTPN 6 Jambi, you can directly come to the green room outlet of the PTPN 6 Jambi office in West Lingkar, Jambi City.
Or you can contact marketing, Fenny, at whatsapp number +6281361369798.

"Those who want to try drinking can also come here. Some are for sale too. For a kilo, it's around Rp 5 million," said Achmedi.

Benefits of White Tea Kayu Aro PTPN 6 Jambi

To note, according to research, white tea can help reduce the risk of heart disease, skin aging, lose weight, and so on.

Here are some of the benefits of white tea for the body as reported by the page:
Prevent obesity

White tea is believed to have anti-obesity effects. Research reveals that white tea extract can help break down fat and inhibit the growth of new fat cells in the body.

Protects skin from ultraviolet rays

The benefits of white tea can not only be felt by drinking it, but also applied to the surface of the skin. In this way, white tea can strengthen skin cells while protecting them from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Reduce the risk of heart problems

White tea contains flavonoids that are good for the heart and help widen arteries. In addition, white tea is also able to thin the blood, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol.

Fights germs and prevents infection

White tea can fight germs, prevent infection, and even destroy disease-causing organisms. White tea has also been shown to be able to fight germs more significantly than green tea.

Protects teeth from bacteria

White tea contains fluoride, tannins and flavonoids. The content of natural substances fluoride in this type of tea reaches 34 percent, thus making white tea effective for reducing dental caries which usually appears due to the influence of food debris and bacteria.

Repair damaged cells

White tea contains antioxidants that can protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. White tea is also very effective in reducing inflammation of the skin caused by free radicals.(red)

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